Monday, June 15

Welcome 2009 Honda Civic LX

At first, about a week ago, when we decided that we need to get another car, I thought, WOW that was SO easy! I did some research online with the different dealerships in the area, talked to a few salesman, did a little haggling and wah-la! new car. BUT NO! That is not how the story ended.

It turns out that if you want a Honda with 5 Speed Manual, you have to BEG and PLEAD and CALL BACK and CALL BACK. Then you have to wait a few more days. THEN you have bail on those dealerships and CALL TWO MORE.

That is what it took to get this car.

Christy had wanted the dark grey (Polished Metal). She said "This is my first NEW car, so I was hoping to get the exact one I wanted." After I thought about it - since we were going to go with our second color choice - because the first two guys we talked to could NEVER EVER seem to get the car they said they could - black - I thought, YES, YOU ARE RIGHT, we ARE going to get you the color you want.

So I called two other dealerships which I should have done in the first place, and FOUND THE CAR. They even matched my price from the previous dealership. Not only did we find the exact car, we found the best dealership and salesguy ever. Scott B from Mile High Honda.

He was no pressure, no smack. He had what he said he had. He delivered when he said he would deliver. As it turns out, this WAS the easiest car purchase I have ever had. It helps when you have OUTSTANDING CREDIT ( thanks wifey) and have already decided on the price + tax before you get there at 8:45am.

If you are in the market for new or used Honda or Acura, I highly recommend calling Scott Barr at Mile High Honda.

Oh and here is a pic from last week's rain.


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painterjoy said...

How sweet! A NEW car! Glad you stuck with it and got exactly what you wanted.

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