Monday, June 8

Hail Yeah - or no!

We had some serious hail yesterday. Probably the worst hail I have ever seen. It was jawbreaker/birds egg-sized. We have to call the insurance company to have our roof inspected and it looks like Fall in our neighborhood, as all the trees were shredded. Our garden is toast as well...poor Christy - with all her hard work.

This is from Saturday. I added a rock walkway 2/3 of the way around the garden to add definition and finally OWN the location. We have moved the garden boxes twice since moving to this house so I had to make a final decision. THEN the hail came.

Rock walkway around Garden


saffry said...

I'm sorry about the garden. I thought about that when you posted your hail pics the other day. There's still time to replant. I already lost some cukes, we had a frost about a week ago.

Display Name Here said...

I am glad you had not purchased your new car yet

painterjoy said...

Holy crap that is some serious hail. Was anyone hurt? I always feel so bad for the wild critters outside. I hope the roof is okay.
It hardly ever storms here in LA. A few years ago it actually did hail during a very stormy winter, and my boss at the time, a LA native, called me up HYSTERICAL. "Joy, there are ICE CUBES falling out of the sky! I think the world is coming to an end. I am so scared!" She was completely serious and frightened to death. I assured her that it was hail from a thunderstorm and it was not the end of the world! I hung up and laughed and laughed.
Here's to it NOT being the end of the world!

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