Tuesday, October 13


For the Denver Marathon relay, my team is growning mustaches. Well, kinda. I don't look good in a mustache...i mean, who does? maybe Dad's and some grandparents but they are not in fashion anymore and probably never will be again...except for Dad's and grandpas. SO, we all decided to grow beards instead and then possibly shave the day before the race. The Wooly Willies will be hairy at to say the least. I am doing the 7 mile last leg of the race. Which means I need to step it up for this weekend's race.


K*Funk said...

Good luck tomorrow!!!
I am so impressed that you are running a MARATHON!!! I was at a JMU thingie today and a bunch of alumni are running it, which is how I even knew about it. :) Have a beer for me afterwards!!

weisswoman said...

burt renolyds does that's who

Display Name Here said...

I have read that men in the work force who have mustaches make more money then men that don't.

They have less sex but they make more money.

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