Sunday, September 15

Our kindergartner

I cannot believe our eldest is already starting kindergarten. I actually thought it would be more emotional for me, just a few tears were shed, by us, not her. She was so brave and confident. When we walked in to drop her off in the classroom, she just found her way and said "bye mommy and daddy. That's when her mom grabbed one of the new tissue boxes we were bringing for the class, ripped it open and used three just to stop the tears. BOTH adorable.

Saturday, September 14

#Laterphoto: Wren Scouting out a place to raise babies.

Scouting out homes #wren by dhgatsby
Scouting out homes #wren, a photo by dhgatsby on Flickr.
A few years ago we were grocery shopping at Whole Foods and stumbled upon this cute little green, handmade, birdhouse. I liked it more aesthetically than functionally so just hung it out under a tree - as you see here.

Two years go by and no activity and I thought, well, the birds like it for form over function as well. But then this year we had action! A LOT of action. I saw this guy peek his head out of the tiny hole and squaking like mad.

I thought I would do some more research and found out that wrens come in, check out a potential house, build a big nest of sticks and fabric and stuff....but then bail for another more suitable adobe if it is not perfect.

 Well, my neighbors must have proved perfect because they won the house of the summer and had a house full of baby wrens. I love birds.

Saturday, September 7

The beautiful and ever-talented xaraboo!

by dhgatsby
Untitled, a photo by dhgatsby on Flickr.
I have been doing more photography lately something I will continue doing, focusing on portraits and lifestyle shoots. Shameless plug: If you need some family/holiday photos to refresh your mantel, please contact me.

Sara, pictured above has succeeded where most of us fail. She made her goal weight having lost over 120 pounds. Because of this superior accomplishment, she asked if I would capture her new figure for her archives and showing off at WW. WAY TO GO GIRL! It was a pleasure.
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