Friday, June 5

Chillin' Wiener

This po' boy ain't getting any younger so he needs to nap longer. I mean, he needs to nap in between naps more frequently. Gibson is now almost nine years old. I cannot believe it. But he is hanging in there. He is grumpier, and more testy, but can still hang with the young dogs running in the backyard. Heck, he can even still play a mean game of I'll Eat the Garden Veggies Before You Can Run Out Of The House And Yell At Me.

Christy has re-planted the broccoli, kale, and eggplant three times now. Someone is going to be banned from the yard in the next week or so.

1 comment:

painterjoy said...

Oh, what a fabulous snout-view picture of Mr. Gibson. I think now that he is a little older he needs more roughage in his diet, and fresh garden veggies are just what he needs!

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