Thursday, May 7

Danny Gokey or David Gannon

Wow, it has happened again. I have had numerous Tweeters and Facebookers respond to me saying how every time they see Danny Gokey on American Idol, they think of me. This is awesome for a few reasons. ONE: I have NEVER watched American Idol. TWO: The responders are all women - who think of me. THREE: You might recall my stories of being mistaken on many occasions as thelead singer of the Barenaked Ladies. Well, I am honored too, because usually when someone says "hey, i met someone or know someone or saw someone that looks like you..." that person usually is stocky, overweight and what i consider unattractive. But being compared to Danny Gokey, well, I am pleasantly honored.


da' hammer said...

Dude, lucky guy! 20+ years ago I was told I looked like Ricky Schroeder, not something I like to admit.

AllBeehive said...

That dickey makes you look like Danny Gokey's father :) But if I steop back and squint my right eye, mabye his older brother.

Jason Grant said...

It's good to have a famous face. You'll often have to tell people "yeah I know I look like somebody you know, but I ain't him". It annoying but you'll get used to it.

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

I actually think more the lead singer of the BNL's but can see a bit of Danny there, too!! It's a compliment:)


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