Monday, March 9

I LOVE social media

In the past few weeks, I have been doing a lot of soul searching with Facebook, Twitter, and blogging.
I declared that I was taking a much-needed break from Facebook, which, I do believe did help, although my break only really lasted truthfully about three days. If you plan on stopping the use of Facebook, make sure you stop all email alerts, reminders, and contacts. Oh yeah, and don't really tell anyone you are stopping the use of Facebook. I found out the hard way which is why I only lasted three days. I have been on less that I used to, which probably makes my boss happy, but really it has enabled me to focus more on my web and print work, become less hyper, and attributes less to my ADD.

But, the fact is, I LOVE social media. I love what his has done for our communication levels on personal and business basis. I like that you do not feel as alone and you actually feel MORE compelled and less guilty telling someone ( EVERYONE ) about a new product, idea, thought, or belief. I love that information is passed so rapidly that you do not miss certain bulletins from news outlets, or tech companies. and, I love that I find about what cute thing my daughter did at the same time the rest of you do....IF you follow my wife @allbeehive on twitter.

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