Thursday, March 12

Path of Destruction and Economic Relief

One. We took our big "Economic Relief" Concessions here at work. Yep, that's right. I am now working for $7,200.00 LESS per year - 5 days of unpaid vacation- and 5 furlough days. LOVELY. Talk about stepping back in time. I am not really criticizing the actions, I know that something needs to be done to offset these hard times, but it still hurts, and I am sure that Comcast and Xcel do not care - they will still want the same amount of money each month.

Secondly: In light of all the recent shootings/suicides:

FOR YOU PSYCHOPATHS THAT HAVE NO RESPECT FOR LIFE...and feel you were "wronged" by society, employers, parents, friends, etc...well, we have all been wronged. You are not alone. But we chose to think positive and not act selfishly.

Take yourself, NOT anyone else. Leave our kids and families OUT OF YOUR path of destruction.
You are selfish and need help. Thank you.


Jennifer In Oregon said...

OMG! $6,000? That's not pocket change!! Unbelievable! Wow and when this is finally over will your salary be restored?? Or is it like the temporary sales taxes imposed in 1990 which are still in effect today?

And as far as the psycho killers - WTF? We are all feeling the pain these days.

Jennifer In Oregon said...

I have no idea where I got $6,000 dollars. Maybe because $7,200 seems so unreal. So sorry Dave.

K*Funk said...

I feel your pain. But it is true that at least you still have a job. It just sucks when companies cut back like that. Ultimately, no one wins, and any sense of trust or company loyalty goes out the window.
On a completely different note, I just read your FB post. I couldn't agree more. I just limit myself to about once/wk on FB. It's more enjoyable that way & then doesn't feel like a 2nd job!

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