Wednesday, February 11

I have stopped using Facebook

I am boycotting Facebook for 2 months starting yesterday. Not because I do not like the Facebook concept and not because someone at Facebook offended me. But

if I read one more post that "someone"

... is tired
... is starting their day
.. .is at work
... is setting up at a coffeehouse for the day
... is in a meeting
... is ready for the weekend

I will split in two and never recover.

I may be taking this social part too seriously but I don't think so.

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE social media. I love viral marketing.
But I cannot stand these useless pathetic postings about nothing.

I think Twitter and Facebook should now be used for spreading information. USEFUL information about services, products, news, technology, music, even style, culture and of course, business. BUT NOT that you are tired. That you have a headache. That you just burped ( well THAT is kinda funny ).

I am sorry to sound crabby or whiney. I do not mean to.

It is my choice to go on and read, so I am not blaming anyone specific...well sort of....but mainly I am blaming the culture that these small notes create.

It is back and still about ME ME ME ME ME ME. What about YOU? What about US? What about THEM?

Ok, I am off my soapbox. Facebook, I hope I do not miss you.



painterjoy said...

Thank you. I think you are right on. For me, twitter and facebook have been about just socializing because right now, it's the only socializing I can get. (There should be a network especially for us shut-ins) I only have like 18 tweeters I follow anyway. But if I had like 100 tweets that are all updates on lunch, then I'm sure it would be pretty awful. And facebook drives me nuts with all these silly groups, quizes, and such.
I would like a mix of information, networking and some fun. I would like it to tell me the important stuff my friends are up to, some forward thinking, greening and betterment of society, and some useful links and info about art, politics, technology, etc. That would be nice!

Erica Garcia said...

agreed! But I think Facebook encourage this type of banality by asking affronting the user with "what's on your mind," "Erica is....". I especially think Twitter is pathetic because I can just imagine all the people, lonely, not talking to those around them in public and are instead texting their every move through life, yuk!
Hmmm...what can we do about this? Could we collectively demand that the information on Facebook be more of a crowd sourcing type of site that users identify data given be useful. Dave maybe you could make a "Top 20" list on Facebook (create your own) about what is a valid "what your up to statement" and see how friends respond???

weisswoman said...

you are so so right! it is worse than reality tv which i haven't been missing for 16 months. :) go dave!

Jason Grant said...

Isn't Twitter just one big 'what the heck am I doing right now' party? This is the reason why I don't see a need to jump on that train. It will probably get old after awhile. Do you think Twitter is a fad? Facebook for that matter?

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