Monday, June 9

Wild Animal Sanctuary: ACTS Volunteer Day

I put up 80 acres of telephone fence posts this weekend. What'd you do?

This past Saturday, I volunteered with our company's ACTS organization at the Wild Animal Sanctuary. They rescue exotic animals from people (if you can call them that ) that breed, own, abuse these wonderful creatures. There needs to be more awareness and legislation against breeders, sellers and buyers of these animals.

Here is the website. Please take a look and read more about it. Donate if you can. This is an amazing operation they have.

See more Wild Animal Sanctuary photos here

We spent 4.5 hours putting in fence posts around an 80 acre perimeter.


David Herrold said...

I feel tired and sweaty just reading this. Looks like you did a lot of hump-busting (for a great cause).

Nice work.

painterjoy said...

Oh my God, Dave!! Mark and I just ordered the video of "Growing Up Black Leopard" which was filmed there!!! Thank goodness for these sanctuaries. You are my hero for doing what you did.

A few years ago when Mark and I were in Las Vegas he took me on a ride to a 'surprise' destination. Along the way I told him how zoos traumatize me because I cannot stand to see animals unhappy. Zoo animals seem so bored and unhappy, and I hate the feeling that they are not given the respect they deserve. Well, he felt so bad because he was taking me to Keepers of the Wild, an exotic animal sanctuary. But this was different for me. The owners showed us the wolves, tigers, leopards, monkeys, birds, and all other kinds of amazing animals. Some injured, most abused. She would tell us stories of how they found these creatures and what abuses they suffered. I was a sobbing wreck the whole time, but I felt that they were doing such good things. And the chance to see these beautiful creatures up close was something I will always treasure.

K*Funk said...

I have always wondered about that wild animal sanctuary. I have heard about it before. That's awesome that you volunteered. I want to visit but I'm afraid it will make me sad.

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