Tuesday, June 10

COME to Butthead

OH BOY. My prayers were answered yesterday (be able to surf the web while being mobile, view photos, listen to music ALL on the same device) when Apple announced the new 3G iPhone.
I love most things about it. BUT the one thing I do not like, and have a question about is:

Why the plastic black ( or white ) back? The aluminum was so much more "green" and more smart. It did not show scratches or signs of use. It was sleeker and more sophisticated-looking. I also think it stood out from the crowd. Now it will look like any other Blackberry, Nokia or Samsung. I am sure they did it for two reasons. 1. Cost. 2. Ubiquity - more people will want it now that it is "like" the other phones out there.

Nonetheless, Christy and I ( and probably Jason G.) will be running to the Apple Store as soon as July 11 comes around. We cannot activate our phones until July 22 ( THANKS SPRINT!) but I will take it out of the box and rub it until activation.

Oh, and did you hear about the new Mobile Me? Bye Bye (dot)Mac. Sounds cool. I hope it works better than the .Mac sync. I still cannot use my Intel Leopard Mac sync at home with my work Tiger mac. It kills the iCal app every time I open it. So I am using Google Calender. GOOD but cannot sync with my new upcoming favorite GEEK toy.

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