Friday, April 4


Well, last night I finally broke down and fed my tech-hungry gut and bought an Apple TV. We got the 40GB version because I could not see spending the extra money for storage.....yet. It is amazing!

I opened up the box, pulled out the Apple TV unit. Plugged it into the wall next to the TV. Then grabbed the componet audio/video cables and attached them to both the Apple TV and the TV itself. We had trouble getting the audio to work at first but that was my fault. Fixed that and it was set up.

Then I hop on the computer in the office and open up iTunes. There I register the Apple TV, sync it with my wireless network and it was ready to fly. I couldn't believe how seamless it was.

I started watching Elf being streamed from my computer into the Apple TV. It was a dream. Quality is obviously not as good as a DVD or Blue-Ray for that matter, but for what it is, it's amazing. Tonight, we are going to rent a movie on iTunes in HD and see how that goes......that is, IF I can get Hadley to give up the unit.

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painterjoy said...

I can't tell you how much I love this picture of Hadley. So cute.
You ahve been taking some amazing and beautiful shots of Mom and Baby!

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