Saturday, April 12

The B Word

Hello readers.
I write to you with a heavy word on my shoulders. Botulism.
Have you even HEARD of that word, or did you even KNOW it was still around, or did you possibly think when you did hear that word that it was from ANCIENT TIMES?
Well, we did up until yesterday. I really do not have the energy or time right now to go into details but just wanted to let you know that our adorable, lovely, smart, cute, loving, perky daughter, Hadley has some how contracted botulism. It is just unimaginable. BUT treatable with a 100% treatment and success rate of recovery. Still the waiting is long and frustrating.

Here is my wife's post on it.

Here is what Wikipedia has to say about it

The good news is as of tonight, hadley seems to be doing better since having the globulin. She was more aware and her eyes were almost back to their big, enticing, observant selves.

And quickly here is what I can tell you.

1- it is treatable and cureable.
2- it can be contracted from honey/ or Kyro syrup( but really in only two cases have they seen w/ honey), dust or dirt particles (think big construction sites, highlands ranch developments, etc.)
3- certain canned foods or raw bad food.
4- you most likely NEVER know where you got it
5- it is NOT contagious
6- recovery takes 10-30 days of ICU hospitalization on a respirator and feeding tube
7- the serum Human Botulism Immune Globulin (BabyBIG) costs $45k
8- it sucks for your baby, you, and your family/friends

we will keep you posted but not very often for now.

dave, christy and hadley

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saffry said...

I'm so glad to hear that she's gotten the treatment and that she's showing improvement. Yay!!!

I've spent the last day thinking of all of you. And I've given Clair several extras kisses and loving looks too.

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