Monday, March 31

Good Friends, Family

This weekend was full of visitors.
Wanted visitors.
First it was Saturday brunch with a couple and their 2-month old we met in baby class. The three of them came over for a scrumptious asparagus, egg dish that christy made, some wonderful pastries, fruit and muffins. We had a great time discussing parenting stuff. At least with new parents you don't ( hopefully ) bore each other with all your drool and poop stories.

Then later that day we got a call from christy's cousin whom she has not seen in 12 years. He is in the army getting ready to be discharged for injuries he sustained in fucking Iraq. What a wonderful surprise. He stopped over late Saturday and ended up staying the night. He is quite the man. 23 and full of stories and adventure. It was nice getting to know him. I think christy felt the same way although they are related.

Three. A buddy of mine, Linder, showed up from Houston. I have not seen him in 5 years since he moved away. He bought me lunch at our favorite mexican place down the street, La Fogota. Awesome. He was full of great advice, as always, and level-headedness. It was inspiring to say the least. I dug his jacket too. Hadley loved him as well.

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K*Funk said...

How is La Fogota? We are always looking for new mexican restaurants and denver seems to have a plethora. You should do a denver restaurant review blog!

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