Tuesday, April 15

Hadley botulism update: Things are looking up!

Hi there.
We are still in the hospital.
But the good news is that Hadley is improving everyday.
We are still hoping that she will gain enough muscle strength to be able to breathe on her own so that the respirator tube can come out. They have told us for the past few days that there IS a possibility that it could come out tomorrow, but that day comes and she is not quite there yet. Today she was taken off the respirator for an hour to see how well she could breathe on her own and she did very well. They will test again tomorrow and give us an update.

We have seen major strides in her movements in her arms and legs as well as, in her expressions - she actually laughed (as much as you can with a darn tube down your throat) with cheeks all aglow and bright eyes!

She pooped on her own last night...a bunch....which made the nurses and docs very happy.

Her grip is also getting better. Even an improvement from this morning. Tonight she had quite a strong grip.

Her Nana Judy arrived today so she is very happy to see her, as are her parents. It is a good change to have some backup help and just another family member here.

All of our friends and family have been so supportive and helpful, offering dinners, company, and ANYTHING. One friend even offered their shirt...but we declined due to hair issues. ( look a joke!)

Christy has not left the hospital since we arrived but I HAVE managed to get her outside to walk around the complex for some fresh air.

So all in all we are pleased with our daughter's progress but of course, just want her off the respirator and HOME WITH US!

Keep Hadley in your prayers and positive thoughts and I will keep you updated.


painterjoy said...

Hadley, you and Christy have not left my thoughts for one second. I am sending you all my most positive thoughts and prayers for strength, healing, and love, love, love!

K*Funk said...

Hi Dave & Christy,
I talked to Jinnie last weekend and she mentioned Hadley and I've been thinking about her every day since then! I am so glad to know she is okay! Give my love to Hadley, and to you guys!!!! I'll be sending positive vibes, love, and prayers!
Love, Kristin

K*Funk said...

Hi again,
I don't think I actually realized how serious this was until I read your full story about it (on Christy's page too). I hope they are able to find out how Hadley got it in the first place. She is a living miracle!!! :)
Love, Kristin

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