Thursday, February 15

St. Valentine's Faux Pas or A Great Day "for me to poop on."

As everyone knows, yesterday was Valentine's Day. A day I usually get very excited about planning a fun thing to do for Christy. Sometimes I have sent flowers, or made a funny card, other times, I have surprised her with an open laptop with a little animated expression of my love for her. One year I made digital candy hearts with "I Love CLA", also, an animated cartoon of how we met, from going online, to meeting at the diner for breakfast. It was cute and she, I think, adored it. Well, this year, we were talking and she expressed that she still does not want to subscribe to the commercialism of Vday and that flowers, chocolates and jewelry were a no-no. In my mind I heard, "I have never had a boyfriend on Valentine's Day and it has always been a sore spot with me. It's stupid and dumb and I don't want any part of it. - so I don't want you to do anything or buy anything." Well, in reality what she was saying was "I will bake you sweet personalized cookies in the shapes of dachshunds, snowflakes and 'I love you DG' cookies and you can do something nice for me." I completely misread her wishes and feelings for the day and came home with nothing. Not one surprise. I did however leave her a childishly-written love note in the morning before I left for work. This holiday faux pas can provide us two lessons learned: One - Be careful what you wish for and Two - Just do what you want to do, follow your heart, and worry about what they think later. Christy, I apologize for not following through with my plans and I will never listen to you again. Happy Vday.

P.S. We did end up going to dinner, and I got food poisoning from the shrimp. Paybacks are a beeyatch!


painterjoy said...

Valentine's Day is every day when you are in love! Don't worry!

AllBeehive said...

Joy, shhhh! I'm trying to see how long I can milk this one.

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