Friday, February 16

The Nap Wheel: Spectacular!

Have you ever wondered how long you must nap to overcome certain sleep deprivation instances such as partying until 6:00am and coming into work? OR You were up with a colicky baby until 4:00am and you have a work presentation at 8:00am?

Here is your answer. The Nap Wheel. This may be deceiving because the Nap Wheel is actually a book. It may come with a wheel, but the link is to a book you can purchase used on Amazon for $7.00.

1 comment:

painterjoy said...

I took a 10 minute nap today, which I nevah evah do! Also I took a 4 hour nap after my wisdom teeth surgery, but that was because of pain killers.
Both naps felt fabulous!

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