Thursday, February 15

D.C. Baby

Last weekend ( 4 days ) we went to Washington D.C. to hang out with my parents. They were there to see the Smithsonian art museums ( did you know they are all free?). One of my dad's favorite artists, Joseph Cornell whose art is basically boxed assemblages created from found objects, had an exhibit there. Jasper Johns also had an exhibit as well, so we thought it would be nice to hang with the 'rents for the weekend and take in some sights. My sister and our friend Stacey Dee came along as well. Christy stayed home to spend the weekend with her friend Joy visiting from LA. It was a world class weekend. It started off when we landed in Baltimore and were looking for a way to get into downtown DC. Stacey and I were going over our options when this guy in a tan trenchcoat interjected that he had a "limo" service that was going back downtown and he did not have a fare. He was of Morracan decent and was very nice. We talked it over and found out from the bellhops that this kind of activity is illegal and that both the drive and unsuspecting tourists can be fined for taking anything other than a city-approved cab, the shuttle or trains into DC. We opted for Kahn, the tan trenchcoated- morracan. He was so nice and drove a sweet 2000 Mercedes. All for $30 bucks. We highly recommend him. He is actually finishing up his college degree in hospital management and was driving for extra money. Now, we are not stupid. This all could have been a story, but he always answered our phone calls, and arrived on time to pick us up from the hotel and prompty dropped us off at the airport on our departure home to Denver.

Joseph Cornell:

Jasper Johns:

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saffry said...

Okay, I'm still trying to get my head around the fact that you got off the plane with no plans for how to get to the hotel.

Where did you stay? Eat? I could have given you some advice, like that the MARC is a great way to get from BWI to Union Station. Glad you lucked out with your Limo and didn't end up floating in the Anacostia.

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