Wednesday, February 14

Do not use these guys to repair your iPod.

A buddy of mine had problems with his iPod hard drive. A Google search found iPod Mechanic and upon reviewing their site and terms, he sent it to them repair. A few weeks later heard from a sales guy saying that the iPod indeed needed a new HD and they would happily replace it for him for $165.00. WTF? He replied that this price was close to the cost of a brand new video iPod and that he would rather them just send it back. He was given two choices. 1. "You can pay $165 and we will ship it to you fixed." or 2. "You can just give it to us and we will dispose of it." WTF? He went back and forth with them via email and phone for two more weeks. Finally he got another person on the phone and was met with the same two options. Of course he chose No, and No. Finally threatening to report them to the Better Business Bureau, he received his iPod in the mail a few days later, AND here is the worked fine! Hmm. Oh I had better throw this info into the story. My buddy owned a PC, and had recently purchased a new iMac. The iPod was not working on the PC. But when he got his old one returned, it worked fine on the new Mac. I highly recommend you do not ever use these evil bastards.

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