Tuesday, February 13

10 Feet of Snow and Counting: Upstate NY getting pounded

Upstate New York, namely Oswego, NY and Mexico, NY, has been hit with an almost-record snowstorm. They have over 110 inches so far and there is a forecast for even more, up to 16+ inches this week. While we were in DC I kept seeing pictures on the front page of the New York Times showing scenes from the snowstorm. It was amazing. The thing that intrigued me most about it was the response from locals. They were so nonchalant about it. "Yeah, it's a lot of snow, but we get this every year." They do, actually from what I have read. It snow an average of 150 inches per year, but NOT ALL IN ONE WEEK. Here in Denver, we thought we got it bad, but nothing compared to those Mexico, NY and Oswego, NY kats!

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saffry said...

Makes me glad I live in the North Country. All of this has actually been going on South of us, we've hardly had anything. Lake effect is terrible, we went off the road one Christmas morning trying to get to Dan's Grandmothers near Rochester. It went from sunny skies to blizzard to sunny skies in just a few miles.

Today we got the Nor'easter that the rest of the east coast is getting. We should get about a foot, and it's bitterly cold.

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