Tuesday, January 16

Watch Netflix on Your Computer (ONLY on PC)

This is a major move from Netflix. When I first read the article I almost did a hip hip horray but once I got into the paragraphs, I wanted to kick the dog! Come on, Microsoft's Windows ONLY? No support for Mac? I guess that shows the marketshare leverage and what Netflix thinks (and knows) most of their subscribers use. But still. I commend Netflix for moving in this direction and will hold out hope that soon I can watch a new movie on my Mac, but until then, if for some reason I desire a DVD that is not in the house or not on top of our TV, that I bump my wife off her office chair, get a bucket of popcorn and take over the Dell.

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painterjoy said...

That definitely seems to be the future. The computer being the brain for all the communications in the house. But not like the moview Electric Dreams. Remember that one? I wonder if Netflix has it.

Now all I need is a monitor as big as my TV. I still would rather rent a movie the old fashioned way to be able to see it 4 feet wide.

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