Thursday, January 18

Bowling with Nuggets

Last night was the annual Bowling with Nuggets at Lucky Strike in the Denver Pavillions.
It was an awesome night. This year, our team members consisted of my lovely wife, Christy, Walmer, Crimmins, The Behrenhausens, and Rachel. Our Nugget team members were Yakhouba Diawara and J.R. Smith.
The mood was a little less relaxed compared to last year, as we think it had to do with the security measures being taken due to the football shootings we had on New Years Eve. Darrent Williams of the Broncos was shot and killed outside a club after the Bronco's game.
We ended up sharing bowling responsibilities with other bowlers so that more got a chance to hit gutter balls. The drinks were flowing quite fluidly and some good appetizers were in the house as well. Coconut shrimp, pizza, spicy chicken skewers and some potato-filled pastries. Here is a pic of me and Jamal Mobley - an assistant coach. Photo by Rachel.

Sam and Tim played pool against A.I. (Allan Iverson) and whipped their butts. They both got AI signed jerseys. Allan is a very cool cat and one awesome player at that. I did not get a chance to hang with him, but he was bowling next to us and he seemed really nice. You'd think I could come up with some better words but no, I can't.

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AllBeehive said...

how great was that. too bad your wife can not appreciate it

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