Monday, January 15

Another one bites the dust: Switching to Mac.

This weekend, Apple gained a convert, and the PC world lost another home user. Meet Marcus.

I epitomize the PC guy in the MAC commercials. Work in finance. Live in Excel. Balding and not very hip. Having been frustrated with my Dell after it seems to have picked up a permanent virus that slowed it to a halt, we bought an iMac on the recommendation of Dave. I do rely on Powerpoint to build presentations, which despite years of use continues to astound me at how difficult it can be to use and create graphics. The iMac is very easy to use and includes programs that are simply superior, such as Keynote - the MAC version of Powerpoint. Powerpoint, however, has been very good at building presentations that only include bullet points, helping cure insomnia among those sitting through a presentation.

While there is a learning curve changing to a Mac, already I notice why it's so attractive to users. Also, there have been some nice surprises, such as the built-in iSight camera that I used for video chats with my family in KY. (Thanks for the free lesson, Dave!) PC users probably have similar programs, yet really the ease of use, getting it up and running and then being able to explain to my parents (a true miracle) how to get their new Mac set up to video conference made it all worth while. We are looking forward to discovering more great uses such as editing video, photos, etc.

Obviously, Marcus found the fun Mac program Photobooth.

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