Monday, January 22

Choosing an SLR: Nikon D50/D40 or Canon Digital Rebel XT

Calling all readers. I need your advice.

I want to buy a SLR EOS Digital camera and am stuck between two brands/models.

Nikon D50 or Canon Digital Rebel

I don't know too much about the D50 but It has gotten some good reviews and for the price, seems very comparable to the Digital Rebel XT.

I have good luck using our Canon Digital Rebel at work, but I have two good friends that both use Nikon. They both have given me their input and that input says go with either because the are both good for what I want to use it for: Action shots of dogs, weather, yard shots, and some nature and traveling. All of the websites I have perused, CNET,, DPREVIEW- offers side-by-side comparisons of all major camera brands, I love this site. And, even Consumer Reports, all present useful data and informative reviews, but I am still up in the air and think some personal references would be helpful.

Budget: $700
Uses: Catching dogs in the act of play, mischief, and being cute. SNOW. Yard photos. Nature photos. Product shots.

Any info on Nikon or Canon Rebels, would be appreciated.

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saffry said...

Okay, I don't know anything about SLR. Go to Ask Metafilter, an excellent site where smart people answer tons of questions about everything I know nothing about.

This page in particular has lots of comments from people about SLR research. Checking the tags on the site will bring you to even more, much more than you probably want.

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