Wednesday, November 22

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving.
I just got home from running the Annual United Way Turkey Trot. Like last year, I ran alone. But unlike last year, I ran it with the new iPod shuffle. What a breeze! And it rocked.
I shaved almost a minute off my time from last year. I ran across the finish line in 35:43. Not bad for a 4-mile run.

As I am typing this, Christy is in the kitchen baking/cooking. Actually she was in the kitchen all day yesterday, and has been in the kitchen since 8 am today. She is an amazing cook. We have a turkey from Wild Oats, 4 bottles of wine, 2 pies ( pumpkin and chocolate pecan), bean dip, and a bunch of other goodies. My sister and her family will be joining us for TG festivities in a few hours. We are very excited.

Last night, we got our industrial restaurant outdoor heater purchased off craigslist. I fired it up last night to make sure it will be ready for our annual holiday party in December.

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