Monday, November 27

Boxers ( not the dog breed )

Recently I switched to boxers from boxer briefs. I think I switched from tighty whities to boxer briefs in 1995 when this hip cool surfer dude who worked for me in the ad dept. told us this story of how when he met his girlfriend and they hooked up for the first time, she took one look at his white fruit-of-the-loom briefs and almost bailed. So I immediately called my new favorite catalog store, Jcrew and ordered 4 pair of red and blue boxer briefs.

Boxer briefs (BB) were as close to briefs as I could get and still be cool. I tried boxers once but they bunched up and it felt like I had on two pair of pants. Now that I have been exclusively wearing (BB) for the last 11 years, it feels like change is due. Partly because I have noticed the fun styles and designs that go on (B). Boxers have dogs, holidays, bananas, snowflakes, plaid and whatever vertical earth colored stripes are called, to name a few. I love that. So the past few weeks I have been trying some different styles.
There are your basic brief cotton soft fabric boxers from Joe Boxer, and then there are your standard knit boxers from Banana Republic , JCrew, American Eagle Outfitters , and even Joe Boxer. So I have basically tried some of each and found that the American Eagle fit and feel the best. I am not sure what it is about them ( boxers in general ) that I like better than (BB), but I have been feeling better since switching.

If you, my loyal readers, have any suggestions as far as brand and style, please let me know as I am just into the beginning of this. I have had one recommendation for the banana republic brand, so may have to give them a shot.



saffry said...

If you'd like a girl's opinion.....Dan wears lycra boxer briefs, I think from Champion. They're the only thing that stands up to the kitchen heat. His are in blue, so the tighty-wighty issue isn't bad. Even if you don't wear them everyday, they'd be great for running in.

AllBeehive said...

TMI from you MIL

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