Wednesday, November 22

It's beginning to sound a lot like Christmas!

Yes folks, it's just about that time. Christmas Music time! Yes! A time of year I wait for ALL year. KOSI 101 here in Denver started last week playing Christmas music 24-7. A bit early for me, but still, I commend them on taking on the challenge. I myself have been dabbling in a few songs here and there for the past week or so, especially since I have been using my new iPod Shuffle, non-stopp, but tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day, is officially the day you can safely publicly listen to holiday music without being ridiculed by coworkers and loved ones. I have started the countdown clock beginning today but please realize that I am not condoning the publicly playing of Christmas music until tomorrow at noon. Unless of course you have an iPod and want to listen to it by yourself, which, I happen to personally enjoy.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Let the songs begin!!!!

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