Wednesday, November 29

Forecast. Snow. New Background.

Happy Snow Day!
It was a gorgeous day out today. They predicted 1-3 inches of snow and we got at least 5.
In honor of the snow, I am trying out some backgrounds on my blog. You will notice here the patter of flannel.
What are your thoughts? Festive? Too distracting? Comforting? Tomorrow I will put up a new one. I would love to hear your input. Thanks and here's wishing you all get snow. Even those of you in Florida.

This pattern is brought to you by the cool dudes at Squid Fingers.

Forecast. Snow.


AllBeehive said...

It reminds me of flannel pajama pants you would buy at Walmart.

Dan said...

The banner is great, but yes, the flannel is a bit much.

I put my lights up today in 60 degree weather, we're even going to have thunderstorms tomorrow. But after that, forecast is for six days of snow showers.

saffry said...

ooops, that's me. We need two computers.

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