Friday, December 1

Another Background Pattern

Today we have a more subtle, yet festive, pattern. Would you say this one is better than the last? In what ways? I thank all my readers for their responses on the first pattern. I agree that it is a very busy pattern. However, I do like the way it makes you feel. It is comforting and soft, yet at the same time, very busy and distracting. I have two more waiting to be loaded and displayed, so keep an eye out for my new web background patterns.

In other news, Christy is a full-time telecommuting employee now. She officially closed up her downtown office and now has a different window view. I envy her ability to never skip a beat with the job search. She, in the past two years has managed to not really apply for, but get these great jobs, all the while giving herself a big raise each time. Congrats wifey.

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