Tuesday, August 1

Day 12: Reminiscing about Burt Lake 2004

Today is Day 12 in the countdown. I remember the first three months of dating Christy. We started off pretty fast, with me asking her to my friend Kelley's wedding in Omaha after only our third date. Then, she asked me to go on a 9-day roadtrip to Michigan to stay with her friends, Jeff and Cynthia at their families lake house. It was an amazing trip. They are there this week. We miss them and we also wish we were there. It is gorgeous. It is relaxing. It is serene. It is inspiring to be around good people. We are hoping they are doing all of those things. And now, with a new addition.

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AllBeehive said...

I just love this picture. It's almost like I can close my eyes and be there for a second.

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