Monday, July 31

Day 13 : Yamahas with robust sound

Ok, so I AM going to do a countdown. This is Day 13. This weekend was spent fine-tuning some yardwork, weeding, not bailing on the wedding, and hanging new Yamaha NS-AW350B Indoor/Outdoor Speakers.. Their sound is suprisingly superior and highly impressive putting them in the ranks of any B & M or Bose outdoors, and for the price, they can't be beat. I used one of PriceGrabber.Com's online retailers for the purchase and saved over $55 bucks. Free shipping.

SECOND but really FIRST, we picked up my ring today from JA. It was awesome. I wanted to wear it right then and there so Christy let me until about halfway home when I decided I didn't want the novelty to wear off. Apparently, for girls especially, it does not wear off. Christy says she still looks down at her ring and gets butterflies.

We are finalizing the wedding program, table signs and iPod playlists for the arrivals and dinner, today.

Sunday Weather: HOT and 104 degrees.

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saffry said...

A word of advice from an old married lady. If the ring ever feels loose, get it resized. Dan lost his last year, and going through a dumpster of kitchen peelings was not high on his list of fun things to do. I was not upset, and we got it replaced, but I'd still be happier if the original was on his hand.
Amy M.

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