Wednesday, August 2

Day 11: iTunes Playlist

I began working on our playlists for the wedding. I have two playlists. One for the opening when people are arriving, and one for after the ceremony while we are drinking and eating. Making playlists is not what it used to be like. It is much easier. Remember back in the days of just cassette recorders? You would wait by the radio for your favorite songs with your recorder set to record with the pause button on so that when the song came on, you could quickly unclick the pause and catch the song on tape with no empty air space. You also had to give the order of your songs a lot more preconceived thought. And if that order did not live up to your expectations, then you would have to start all over. Then came the CD. Recording froma CD was awesome in iteself but there still was more of a discipline to recording from CD to Tape. Nowadays, with iTunes, you can make as many playlists as you want, rearrange the order, burn a CD copy and if down the road the CD got scratched or your buddy heard the CD playing in your car, well you just reburned the same playlist. Move on now to the iPod, it's even easier. You can make playlists for doing yardwork, BBQs, roadtrips, parties, for mornings, for afternoons sitting on the patio, and, for your wedding. Thank you Apple.

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