Thursday, August 3

Day 9: Composting 101

We actually figured it out that it is NINE Days until the big day. I asked somebody and they said you count the day you are on, plus the event day, so that would make it 10 days, but really it does not matter. Today is the 3rd, and the 12th is the big event, so we will just call it nine days.

When I moved in with Christy just about two years ago, I realized one of the reasons I was going to stay was that she was a composter. I grew up composting and this was a serious thing to me. I remember when my dad would "ask" me to turn the compost. It sucked, turning 3 - 4'x4' bins of manure, rotting grass clippings, fish we bagged from a lake kill, and any and all kitchen organic waste. BUT, as I grew older, and began to taste the benefits of prosperous thriving home-grown veggies, I cherished and respected the effort it took. Keeping a bin or coffee can to hold the kitchen waste was not the tidiest and appealing idea, but my mom used a used gallon ice cream container with no lid. When I was settling in to Christy's house, I decided we needed something similar only a little more presentable. The only thing I had at the time was this:

It was a $3.99 Folgers coffee "can". It came complete with a lid too, which worked perfectly for two years. But after my cubemate Erin and I were talking about how to feed and nurish her new compost bin, she went out the next week and found a canister like this. Not as ingenius as my Folgers can, but much more presentable and appealing, wouldn't you say?
Now we have one as well.

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