Friday, June 16

Vacuum Generation/ Things that suck.

Last weekend, I felt old. I felt old but the funny thing was, it was not me that this was happening to. In the past 4 months, two hip guys, yes, guys, were telling me in different situations, that they had just purchased THE BEST vacuum cleaner in the world. Two different, hip guys, two different occassions, two different vacuums. Go figure. These were not women talking. These were not completely undomesticated dudes. These are guys that, one, plays in a band, another that is a recovering network engineer dude gone HVAC that races road bike guy. They went on and on about how these machines suck! Suck in a good way. I am not saying I was bored or uninterested with their enthusiasm and comments. At the time of each incident, I was intrigued. I love a good vacuum. And when you have a bad sucky vacuum, you really want one that really sucks. So I inquired to both on features and accessories. How well did they suck? How did they perform on wood floors? Shag carpet? flat rugs? Did they leave a dust cloud behind and a layer of dust on all your furniture? Were they able to get into tiny crevices? Pick up dog hair? All of these were answered sufficiently and I got some good knowledge on new vacs. Sad thing is, I wish I could remember the brand and model of each of these, but cannot. I will do some digging and question asking to see if I can find out and will update this entry later.

Weather: It is cool today, high of only 75. It is lovely and comfortable.

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