Tuesday, June 20

Birds....See Birds: Boring Post #64

I have become fascinated with birds. Ever since I moved in with Christy, she had a finch feeder, and ever since we have revamped the backyard, there are birds everywhere. Well, a few weeks ago we got another bird feeder. I hung it in the tree next to the finch feeder but then the squirrels came and scared all of the birds away. I would spray them with water, shoo them, and sic Tica on them to no avail. So, we decided to get a big sheppards hook pole and put it in with the new stretch of shrubs and flowers. This obviously drew a lot of birds. Chicadees, swallows, finches, doves, and some skanky black birds. While her parents were here meeting my parents a few weeks ago, her mom suggested that we get another feeder so that the big birds would not bother the little birds. We did just that. AND I got a hummingbird feeder as well. We boiled sugar in water, added some red dye and put it in the tree. No hummers yet tho. The other feeder mounts to a pole and I put it out by the new patio. This brought more birds. And squirrels. Now we have red-headed somethings, some other very chirpy birds, and, I THINk I hear cardinals but cannot see them, and more skanky black birds. Nothing pleases me more than waking up early, making coffee and sitting on the patio with a fresh Saturday weekend Wall Street Journal, watching the birds fight and party at the feeders. It's my favorite thing to do these days. Thanks for reading Boring post #64.

See the squirrel on the fence? He's been trying to figure out HOW to get to the feeder. It's been two weeks and he still is stumped.

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