Thursday, June 15

Dog delight/Test of parenthood

Hello fellow PATIENT readers. Sheesh, it must be the heat. Or the procrastination.....or the work, or the dogs, or...I could go on forever. We have had one busy month. For starters, I had been working on our invites. Well, those are done. Sent. Then my parents drove in and Christy's parents flew in for a first time meet. It we better than expected. Everyone got along despite the few political discussions that came up. You cannot keep politics down, that is all I can say. The dogs are cute as ever. Tica is just a complete doll. Even when she rolls around in worm guts she is still sweet.

So Tuesday night, Christy and I were preparing the backyard for her bookclub. She pulled out one of our long banquet tables we got from a guy in Boulder for cheap to use for the reception. Anyway, she leaned it up against the patio support beam. Tica was walking around and all of a sudden...boom! the table fell and landed on Tica. I have never seen Christy so upset since the time she forgot about her newly permed hair and ran her head under the shower. Seriously though, it was scary. Tica acted scared but ok. It is now three days later and she is still fine. Cute as usual running around chasing the frisbee, tennis ball, toys, and begging for treats. It just makes you freak a bit and question...."what if this was my child?"

In other work news, a month ago I bid on a website project against 5 other people for the new Lakewood CPD site. And won! I was informed last week by phone that I got the bid. I met with them this week to go over details. This will be my biggest project to-date with over 100 pages. I have hired a programmer and will begin work in the next few weeks. Hurray Studio Hampton.

Weather today. Hot, but a relief from 6.14.06's 101 degrees.

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