Tuesday, November 22

Red Desk

Well, since freelance has been taking over my life ( after work life/ weekend life ) I have been using my desk alot. This desk is not your ordinary utilitarian desk. It was purchased on a whim drive-by "yard" sale, basically two goth kids moving to Portland that didn't have any room left in their Hyundai Accent. It was not that sturdy, nut brown, but just the right size for our apartment then. Fast-forward five years, and one nice computer chair tossed in the trash later, (I have been using one of our kitchen chairs), I needed to give the desk some TLC. Not to mention that most of my motivation was because my neck is a mess from bad ergonomics, so I decided the legs needed a good chopping. I borrowed our friend Jeff's circular saw, and trimmed 1.5 inches off the legs. Perrrrfect. Then I got out the fire-engine red paint and three coats later, a new desk. It has really added some color to the office ( as you might expect ), and also injected the inspiration I needed to get through these last two websites. Thanks red desk. And thanks for Christy accepting this beautiful "period" piece.

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AllBeehive said...

I hate to be the one to stifly the resident artist.

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