Wednesday, November 16

David Schwimmer: No snob. A real nice guy.

Last night at the DIFF, we had the pleasure of getting tickets to meet David Schwimmer. It was a new program for the Film Festival called One on One. The room was filled. David answered questions from a moderator for the first 45 minutes and then fielded questions from the audience. What a great guy. I had my doubts about how "real" of a person he would be, just because movie stars are perceived as big-headed. But once he started talking, you could tell he was a genuinely nice guy with a good heart. He spoke a lot about his stardom on Friends and his acting process, or lack of one. We were amazed at how down to earth he was. He talked about how he and his Friends didn't really change, but that people changed the way they acted around him. I wish I would have just recorded my schpeel that I gave my coworkers and put it on here. I didn't think Christy would really want to see this star, but when we were walking out, she said " I could easily fall in love with him." So there you have it. The only thing Schwimmer has over me, is his $125M in the bank. Like my coworker Nancy said "Schimmer ain't no Gannon." Thanks Nancy.
Here are some pic highlights.

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