Wednesday, November 23

Gearing up for the Turkey/Get Well Soon Mom!

Hey all. HAPPY THANKSGIVING WEEKEND to you! We had it all planned out. Christy's table was too small to host the Gannon/Welliver clan (who'da thunk?), so about a month ago we went to the Furniture Room to get a new table. Well, they screwed the pooch on that one. I highly recommend NOT ever using them for any of your household furnishing needs. They have a customary 120-Day "leeway" period in case the furniture is not in stock, which it rarely is. You also have to put down 30% of the total cost IF it is not in stock. Well, our salesperson, Daniel, said they had two sets in stock. We took a few days to decide, and when he called to confirm if we wanted it, he said they do not have any in stock but that 30 units were enroute. He asked me if I would still like to place the order. I told him yes, and he said there is a 98% chance of it being here by Thanksgiving and the 2% is only b/c they had a delivery truck get carjacked. He assured us this, twice. Anyway, then I got a call two weeks ago from Daniel that just to confirm the chairs will be in this week, but the table....not until after Dec. 1. HA! That won't work. So after many calls and talks to Tony, the customer complain specialist slash receptionist, we are getting a loaner table.

So then, today, after Christy has spent $$$$ on all the fixings and meticulously arranging and preparing the dinner list and recipes, making the entire meal from scratch..sans rolls, my mom is sick and they cannot make the trip out here. We are all really bummed. I made cute little placeholders with each of our names on them, and Christy got a Wild Oats free-range, antibiotic, organic turkey. We are sad my mom is so sick, flu and bedridden as of 3:00pm today, but it's not going to be the same, AND poor mom is SO SAD too. Get well SOON mom. I just hope she will be ok. Well, anyway, we will make the best of it, but poor parents are stuck in SD without their granddaughter and kids. This all stinks. But the good news is that the 5 of us will be together tomorrow and I am also running the annual United Way Turkey Trot, sans my running partner Erica who is on her way to Iowa with her boyfriend Jeff.

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