Friday, October 14

Tica is doing well. And Mither Gibthn ith a gooh boy!

When we got her home last night, She was pretty groggy and cold. The vet told us to warm up blankets and put them on her. She loved that. Spa treatment for a good girl. Tica woke up at 1:30am to drink a gallon of water. She was tho thirthy. I let her out and she aired, which was good.

Then this morning after the alarm, I let both the weiners out. We have some wet food from the previous owner, so we gave her some of that with her pills. She ate it right up! First real food she has eaten since she came into our lives! sappy, i know! Gibson is still jealous but doing fine. he is warming up to her and she seems to like him.
Ok, i re read this and am such a wuss. Anyway, all is well with the new addition.

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