Saturday, October 15

Friday Night...Bachelor Party/(not)Missed Connection

Friday night was Michael's bachelor party. We started at Shelbys. Then to Rialto. Then Double Daughters. And finally to La Boheim. Good night. Got to meet some really cool friends of the Groom and our boss Tim. As the night slowed down, I decided to head home around Midnight. So I called for a cab and waited. No cab. So in my state, I decided to just take the bus home but called the cab company and told them that I was relocating to 17th and Welton if they happen to have a cab to pick me up there. While I was there, nature called so I snuck behind a dumpster and .....well, you know. Then as I was walking back, I heard this here is the posting on Craigslist of what happened next.

Drunk Girl Who Stiffed Me Cab Fare on Friday

Yes you, drunk girl, stumbling, whistling for a cab when there were no cars around. You could barely find your mouth to get your fingers in. There I sat waiting 30 minutes for the cab I called when you showed up. Remember how you leaned into me, cozied up, then got belligerent when I asked you what you were doing? It got better when you tried to steal my cab when it showed up to take me home. Due to your state, I offered to share the cab with you. I tried to make conversation, asked you how long you had been in Colorado, but again you turned out to be a freak. You demanded the cab driver pull over and kick me out of the cab that was MINE. He laughed at your total lack of coherence. When we got to your destination, 19th and Pennsylvania, you jumped out, screamed at me, told me you weren'’t paying for the cab and slammed the door. The $4 I was out was worth the great story I had to tell my friends.

Stupid drunk girl, I am NOT your missed connection. I know we shop at the same grocery store and I can'’t wait to run into you there, point you out to my girlfriend so we can have a good laugh about the angry insipid drunk girl.

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davegannon said...

yeah, i wish there was more, but nope. it ended there. sounds like highschool tho, eh?

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