Thursday, October 13

Enjoying Tica more and more.

We cannot get enough of the new addition. Tica is a joy. Today she had her Spay and shots. Poor thing. We dropped her off at Urban Vet Care at 8:30 and picked her up at 5:30. She was so groggy but healthy. Gibson finally warmed up to her the night before. it was so cute. They were both flying around the house in big circles chasing each other. no barking either. It's crazy, but I just want to go home and hang out with her, especially in her groggy state. She's young, though and will recover fast.

1 comment:

AllBeehive said...

Tica's cute, Christy's got a weird fabric bulge in her pants. What's up with that? You're the master of design, make be cute too!

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