Tuesday, August 9

More Skyland neighborhood action

Last night around 8:00pm we received a reverse 911 call. It says "Alert" on the caller ID. But there was no message, but Christy figured it must be something to do with an escapee or indigent running loose in our area b/c you could hear sirens and helicopters ( are we in Compton? ) hovering overhead. Anyway, about 20 minutes later, another reverse 911 came in, only this one was in Spanish. This secured our suspicion of a demographic signal and that we definitely were in the middle of something and the city was singling out our zip code ( un-civilized, social degenerated, not-quite-gentrified ). Anyway, we turned on the TV to get any updates to no avail, so i turned to the most informative up-to-date resource, the internet. It was sort of what we expected...the carjacker who shot singer Mark Cohn ( famous for his "Walking in Memphis" song) who had just played the Botanic Gardens. And we were right! He was holed up in a house about 5 blocks from ours. They finally caught the guy around 11:30pm. Crazy!

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