Wednesday, August 10

Metal Time Warp

My life keeps getting better every day.
First, it was Judas Priest, two weeks ago. Then Motley Crue last Saturday. Then last night....the big kahuna, Iron Maiden! Yeah, scream for me denvah! The boys from england ( and i don't mean the Beatles) were back with a vengeance. It was like I have slipped into a time warp back to 1988. It's been good, but i have to admit that I am glad the stretch of metal is over for awhile.
Ok, just got through mowing, need to rest. Talk soon.

p.s. by the way, AMY, thanks for the cool song lyrics and for FINALLY identifying yourself. I appreciate your readership and input. NOW very appropriate.

1 comment:

lonniessiss said...

wasn't tryin' to be stealth...I knew you would figure it out soon...

By the way, chico met our dogs yesterday and they all had some fun. he is actually a really really cute dog...with extra big ears...that is prob. why he hears a lot and barks extra...chico has warmed my heart...

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