Friday, August 5

Up early!

Christy and friends headed to Vegas today for the first leg of a 3-part bachelorette celebration...
I was up at 4:20am to shuttle a few to the airport. I actually like getting up early. It makes you feel like you have a jump on everyone else for the day...that lasts until the third americano wears off attttttttttttzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Hello? Where am I? Oh, sorry. Anyway, I dropped them off at around 5:20 and was home by 5:57am. I decided not to go back to bed for fear of oversleeping, so I made a pot of coffee, Dazbog ( have you tried it? it is GOOH OOD!), fried up three egg whites and some toast and sat down with Gibson and watched two episodes of Gilmore Girls. Now THAT is what I call a good morning!
I have a busy "guys" weekend planned with the Coyote Ugly Bias party tonight, then First Friday. Tomorrow is Motley Crue at Red Rocks and Sunday am helping Jinnie fix up the condo. Intermixed will be many hours of freelance. Have a great weekend.

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