Tuesday, August 16

Cool weekend

Yes, it was cool, and cool.
Saturday, it was high of 65. Rainy, overcast and perfect. I miss more days like this. I love sun, but the overcast days give you a reason to chill out.
Craig, christy's old drummer bandmate called, their friend Mary Beth was in town from L.A. doing a gig at this year's LILTfest. The festival was actually really cool too, and fun. Aside from the drunken antics of a young lesbo hottie trying to grab Mary Beth's acoustic guitar while she sang, Mary Beth rocked. She is a talented guitarist/songwriter that should be higher up on the success pole by now, with her insightful outlook on life, and well-thought out, but natural chord progressions. Please check out her stuff at the link above.
Craig summed up the event with this thought. " It's easy to get into the guys bathroom at this kind of event....no lines." I could have stayed longer but we bailed after MB was done.


Later that day, C and I were reminiscing on Santa Fe food, so we took a stab at a co-workers recommendation of Julia Blackbirds, up in Highlands. Good food. A little dry and not quite SF caliber, but satisfying. We shopped around on 32nd and Lowel which was fresh and fun too. I love Highlands when it is overcast, especially at Christmastime.


Sunday, we attended the Bronze Festival in Loveland with Connie and Tony. It was overcast again. Found a lady who did Bronze dachshund sculptures. Amazingly life-like and life size. If you have never been, i recommend making the 48 minute drive from Denver.

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