Saturday, July 16

Oh, the humidity!

Hello working stiffs! I am vacationing on the East Boston and Plymouth. Yep, home of Plymouth Rock and the Pilgrims. I arrived on Thursday at 1:36pm just like Travelocity said I would. Easy flight. Got some good reading in but did not meet one interesting person. Sad. Wow, the humidity! I always forget about that. So my buddy Marcus met me at the airport where we took the new Silver line, which is a bus that takes you straight into South Station for $1.25. Easy jaunt into the city. First stop....Union Oyster House. My favorite tourist(y) spot. This is the bar/restaurant that Daniel Webster used to sip whiskey and eat 6 orders of 6 oysters (six on the half-shell for those of you who don't know the terminology for ordering shelled creatures). We ate two seafood platters and a downed a few big ice-cold sam adam mugs of beers! Then for the next few hours walked around the city, Newberry Street, Fanuel Hall, Boston Commons and Beacon Hill, stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a donut and coffee, and then met Marcus's lovely wife Alyssa and her friend Blake for dinner. Did I mention the humidity? After dinner we dropped Alyssa off at her friends house and the guys headed to Plymouth. First stop....British Beer House. Quaint brew pub appeal with frumpy waitresses with thick NE accents. Some guy next to us taps me on the shoulder and asks us how baseball is played. At first i thought he was "playing" us, b/c WHO doesn't know that? Well turns out he and his wife were from Sweden. We spent the next hour talking to them about the rules of america's pasttime, and among other things, where the best looking women in Europe are (for the single guys...Northern Sweden and Finland). Why he told us this, we have no idea, but we enjoyed his enthusiastic banter. We also heard why the Swedish hate Russian women and love Russian men, as well as, why he drinks "gay" drinks...Cape Cods...Vodka/Cranberry. It's because alcohol used to be so expensive in Sweden that they made their own moonshine and and to cover up the taste they mixed it with some blueberry/cranberry-esque berries.

Marcus and Alyssa have an awesome house in Plymouth. It is strikingly close in size to three of our houses...well, ok, four. 5 bedrooms, a beautiful acreage of well manicured hills, flowerbeds and trees, two-level deck and a walk-out basement that MCM plans to turn into a gym/storage room. Way to go! Oh and two cool cats.

So we got up early and went for a 2.5 mile run. I had had visions of whupping MCM's butt due to the drop in altitude, to no
avail. It must have been the humidity that interrupted my pace. Anyway, run was good, then went to Dunkin Donuts (how i miss that place ). Got a coffee and then beer and sandwiches for the fishing trip. At two, the rest of the guys showed up, Mike and guys that marcus used to work with. We drove to pick up Keith (MCM's bro in law, and headed to the Cape (Orleans) to board the Osprey fishing boat for 4 hours of fishing.

This was not ordinary charter boat fishing either. We actually had to do the work, which was awesome. Captain Don took us out 6 miles, and First Mate Bill did all the work. We took home 7 fish in all. Soon after the first cast, Mike snagged a 35 inch Sea Bass. Awesome! Everyone caught some fish, but Marcus snagged the best one...unless you count the cool quahog I pulled in. (see Big Clam). Marcus reeled in a 40in Bass, the biggest of the day, winning the days bet of $5/head of biggest fish. Way to go, buddy! See pics as soon as I download them.

Today we got up, went to DDs for bagels, got some sandwiches and met MCMs SIL and BIL and Hugo, their son, at the beach. Longs Beach. Incredible day. The sun was out, the breeze kept it cool and we were out on a privat sandy beach area only accessible by 4WD which everyone seems to have out here. We played frisbee and fly a kite. Now my feet are sunburned but owell. You can't get sun in your cubicle.

That's it for now. See you all later. Watch for pics soon! Dg signing off.

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