Monday, July 18

Back from the MA

So I made it back safely from Beantown last night at about 11:37PM. There was a delay out of Boston due to thunderstorms over the Midwest, so, we were holed up for two hours, but they held the plane in Chicago and I was able to make my flight and we landed only 30 minutes late.

So to backtrack, Saturday after getting coffee, we met his sister and bro-in-law at the beach. We played there for about 4 hours. Their son was so cute. He is a clean freak, which won me over instantly. Played some frisbee and just basically sauted in the sun. After the beach we went back home so Marcus could mow the lawn. They have the most beautifully landscaped and positioned lawn. The house sits about on a hill and the yard winds around the left side down a hill to the back. There are flower gardens, lily patches, and a big wooden swingset complete with slide for Hugo. While he mowed, i took a nap. I think the humidity got to me but nothing major.

Saturday night was a huge hit! So we go down to the pier in Plymouth and there is this place overlooking the harbor. The wait was 45-an hour. But the upstairs deck was serving Lobster so we asked for this empty table on the edge overlooking everything, and to our surprise it was open. So, we ended up eating lobstahs and drinking beeahs for the next two hours. Next we decided to go hear some music up the street but we came across a Pub Crawl. They all had on these powder blue shirts specifically printed for this event. We asked if they were selling them and they said sure. I talked them down to $5 bucks a shirt so we each wore one. They wrote some funny sayings on them and we were on our way. We made it to three bars b/c at the last stop, Ming Dynasty, the drink was a Scorpion Bowl. I have no idea what was in it, just a LOT of alchol, with BITE! We met some interesting people, Julie, from Los Angeles who had just moved back here after getting a divorce. She is settling in soon to her families 40 acre estate, but until that is done, she is living on a boat. Apparently she has enough loot from the divorce and her show horse business that she is not going to work for 4 years. Here, she posed this question: "If you had four years to do something entirely different or exactly what you want, what would you do?" Interesting question that most of us could not answer. It sounds a bit generic, but it makes you think.

So we ended up going home at 11:30 and watched some TV. Marcus finally got me to cave and agree that the movie Old School is, in fact, hillarious. Ok, Ok, i retract my initial statement that I would never date anyone that liked that show.
Hmmm, Christy?

So a plethora of philisophical talks, good beer, endless coffee, inspiring company, new friends, and a few history lessons made this a summer trip I will never forget. Thanks MCM! I owe come visit!

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AllBeehive said...

I can't believe I almost got dumped for loving the movie Old School. Luckily you fell in love with me before you knew I like it. Sucker.

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