Tuesday, July 12

Anyone lose a car?

Well, this morning was like any other morning, with once exception. I woke up, opened up the door to get the Wall Street Journal, and put my shoes on to go for a walk. Usually, I look out, admire the green grass and calm nature. Except today, outside on the street was a stolen Chevy Camaro, white with blue flames. It was practically gutted. No front tires, the interior had been cleared of any electronics, the trunk was open and had just remnants of thumper speakers and power amps. There was a pile of crap, like boxes, window blinds, a few receipts and other random castaway items that seemed to be taken out of the thieve's car to accommodate the new found loot. I called the cops who arrived shortly after. They said that no one had reported their car stolen as of 6:15 am. Christy did some sleuthing of her own, predicting that the action happened before 3:00 am because the sprinklers had been on and the pile in our yard was wet. We just couldn't believe we didn't hear at least a crowbar or tire jack being used right in front of our house. The windows happened to be shut b/c we finally have the air on. Oh the excitement on Fillmore, how it continues....

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davegannon said...

Thanks for the lyrics, whoever you are. A good comment ...and a great song.

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