Monday, July 25

No go on Kenai

Well, we went to meet a new potential buddy for Gibson on Saturday. Kenai, a short-hair "standard" dapple, from the Coast to Coast Dachshund Rescue. He was in a foster home in Ft. Collins. We had high hopes that they would get along, to no avail. This time, Gibson did not like him. Our first try was with Daisy, a female dapple. She tried kicking his butt three times so we called that adoption off as well. Good luck kids!
NOTE: If you are feeling generous, please donate to this organization. The selfless and warm-hearted volunteers shelter, foster and feed these animals for free. Our adoption person, Rena (and Theresa) drive all over Colorado saving these dogs from a miserable life hoping to find them happy, healthy new homes. Better yet, adopt a cute little dachsie. Thanks.


In other news, I scored a 165 bowling at Elitch Lanes on Friday night for Bias' Gutter Ball. This was my best game to date, as if i was actually keeping tabs. But I beat Christy, who actually prefers me winning, even with her competitive nature. I also beat Nancy Crimmins who owns her own ball and shoes, not to mention a bowling shirt! Michael and Sam also played. I only do well when I drink. I think it just relaxes me and I am able to concentrate. Whatever the reason, I kicked butt! The food was exceptional as well. We did $1 Jello shots and ate lots of mango/banana chutney, chix on a stick and bacon-wrapped scallops (obviously not your normal bowling alley fare).
Saturday night we babysat for Bloom. What a doll! Jeez! She is so close to walking, but the grandparents want her to wait til Friday, when they get to see her in Albuquerque.
I have also added two links to the BLOG sites on the right. Check out Je Mange la Ville. She is a fun writer who enjoys sharing her food experiences....and more!

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